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It's almost Christmas!

I hope you'll make this recipe soon. If you do, please tag me #innichka_chef on Instagram, Facebook, Patreon or Pinterest.

Santa, me and 3 children

It is also a time for cooking and baking! Enjoy these Christmas recipes! Whether you are making memories with your little ones by baking cookies:

johnny next to the mixer

Enjoy these Christmas recipes! Whether you are making a memories with your little ones by making cookies:

me and boys holding tray with cookies

or planning your Christmas Breakfast, Christmas Dinner, or Christmas Dessert, I have you covered!

P.S. Don’t forget the special appetizers:

Savory Profiteroles. Shrimp Salad in a Choux Pastry Shell
goat pate, bread and veggies

Having people around always requires some sort of finagling especially when the day is busy with entertaining, opening presents, etc.

These healthy Probiotic Matcha Balls: A Healthy Treat are the right type of tasty bite to have on hand to keep you boosted with energy as well as provide something tasty that everyone will enjoy.

green and red balls

Our family favorite breakfast is Buckwheat Pancakes with Savory Cranberry Sauce

stack of pancakes and cranberry sauce

Every year I make a big batch of these beautiful fluffy pancakes and the Savory Cranberry Sauce is even perfect to serve next to cheese on a Charcuterie Board. Here is a link on How to build a Charcuterie Board (Cheese Platter)

board with cured mats and cheeses

Decorate your tree and sip on Orange Hot Chocolate with Chaga Powder. Creamy and Vegan , which is indeed exceptionally creamy and so crazy delicious.

hot chocolate and dried oranges
crepe topped with mushrooms and chopped parsley

Christmas Dinner Whether you are planning an intimate small Christmas Dinner or hosting a crowd, I have tons of Christmas menu ideas that will impress everyone, from Perfect Roasted Turkey with Herbs and Butter

I hold a platter with roasted turkey
sliced pork on a plate and not sliced on a cutting board near by.
fish, veggies and fork on a white plate

Christmas Dessert Make your best Christmas sweet tooth platter with my Classic French pastry. Mini éclairs

Classic French pastry. Mini éclairs. 4 on one little plate that I hold

or consider light and healthy Panna Cotta, light Italian Dessert with Kefir

panna cotta in a wine glass topped with a berries and lemon zest

Please, use the search bar to explore my website and find something that will guarantee to satisfy your guests.

This year, l have enjoyed making wonderful recipes, fermented foods and drinks for all of my family and friends. For 2024, I will continue to provide you with healthy ways to eat and drink by using whole and organic foods!!! Stay tuned for new ideas, and new recipes.

Love, Inna

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