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USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, tour with my family in Charleston SC (VIDEO)

Updated: Feb 7

I know it's not a food blog, but my family and I went for a tour in Charleston SC, after my first half Marathon run.

me in front of finish line

But I was amazed with so many things on that humongous ship and well struck with how advanced for the time the equipment was.

Especially the kitchen area, with mannequins, of course. The convenience store with soda, soft serve ice cream, etc... amazing! This was "back in the days". This ship was retired long time ago, shortly after the Vietnam war.

Back then people cooked very simply, and very quickly. To feed a few thousands of hungry man is not an easy task. One of my friend who served Navy from 1976 till 1981 on a ship (CVA-61 & LHA-4), said this:

"Inna there always a chance that will be a food shortage, if the order of original destination is changed".

Most of the food was delivered canned, dehydrated, or powdered: meat, potatoes, eggs and milk. There was a lot of repetition in the menus. One sailor said in an article about their food then that when they came ashore the first things they wanted to eat was a salad and a glass of fresh milk.

I hope you can come and see it yourself.

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Dave Lanigan
Dave Lanigan
02 เม.ย.

We had so much fun

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