Cooking Workshops & Dinners


From intimate dinner parties to 'How-To' workshops, these events are perfect for those wanting to explore and use all organic and fermented foods


What people are saying...

"...it was as if an unexplored new world had been introduced into my brain. I took my seat at the table and immediately my senses were ignited at the introduction of delectable aromas, tastes, and textures. As Inna showed us how to make our own Kefir, crème fraiche, kefir soft cheese and yogurt, I thought to myself: “I can do this. How fun, creative and healthy.” I couldn’t wait to get started."
      ~ Ann
Chef Inna's classes have been such a joy to me and to my family. Watching her make the recipes and learning about the best ingredients is so inspiring. She shares all the nutritional information and follows up each class by sending out great health information as well as different ways to make and use the foods.  It was important for me to see some of the gaps in my own cooking, especially that I was missing out on the health benefits of live fermented foods. I've noticed an increase in my energy and gut health. My daughter loves the children's classes and we recreate recipes at home together. Inna shares the joy of cooking quality foods at home.
      ~ Laura

Specialty Workshops

Learn how to make fermented foods like kefir, cheese, kombucha, sourdough bread, and more! Workshops include light snacks and drinks. All organic foods and so much fun!

Lunch Workshops

Get your hands dirty and have fun making food!  Discover unique cuisines and ingredients that are all organic.

Formal Dinners

An intimate, seven-course meal will be prepared for you...including beverages and dessert! All organic, all uniquely amazing.

Corporate Events

From ideas like learning how to make crepes, bread, sauerkraut and other group-learning workshops, to more a hand's off approach like cocktail tastings, we can create a unique, fun experience for your corporate event.  On-site events are available.