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my food story

I am originally from Ukraine. I grew up in a small town away for the city. After high school I earned a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and worked for a large commercial builder before relocating to the United States. After living in my new home, I decide that I wanted to pursue my interest in food. I have always been interested in food history, healthy eating and trying new foods.


When living near Boston MA, I worked in the kitchen of the famous Legal Seafood Restaurant. I was exposed to the finest preparation of Seafood in the whole country. I went on to be the chef at the Sahara Restaurant in Worcester MA where I prepared  Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes. After coming to South Carolina, I worked at a local bakery and learned about the fine art of bread making and delicious pastries.


Now I want to share my talent and help people avoid the late night drive-through and the frozen food section in the grocery store. I truly believe we are what we eat. Fast or frozen foods are not a healthy choice. The Dishes I will prepare for you are not only individually tailored to your taste and needs, they will be delicious and nutritious.  And, they are going to save you time and money.


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