Birthday Parties


Let me handle food preparations and the fun so you can focus on enjoying the memories


My Birthday Parties simplify your party experience!

Tired of being drained after all of the planning, preparation, and cleanup of a birthday party? Pick one of my 'Birthday Party Packages' and I'll save you that hassle! There are three fun versions - Pizza, Taco, or a Mac-N-Cheese Bar.

So why do parents and kids like my parties?


Parents love the fact that I:

  • do all of the cooking and clean up for them!!

  • dessert and beverages are included

  • food not tastes good, but is also healthy for their children


Kids love that:

  • they are still eating their favorite foods

  • explore new smells and textures in the kitchen

  • get to make their own food and decorate their cupcakes

  • experience something exciting and different

Past Party Photos and Package Details

3 Party Packages:

In my Pizza package, kids will - 


  • grind flour, and make dough

  • each kid gets to make their own pizza

  • decorate their own cupcakes

  • fruit and veggie kabobs are included (they will make their own)

  • beverage provided - choice of 1 juice and water


Taco package:


  • kids make own flour tortilla

  • create their own fillings (protein, veggies, sauce, cheese)

  • make their own taco

  • decorate their own cupcakes

  • beverage provided - choice of 1 juice and water


Mac-n-cheese bar


  • kids make a personalized mac-n-cheese

  • create their own toppings to put on their mac-n-cheese

  • decorate their own cupcakes

  • beverage provided - choice of 1 juice and water



FOOD ALLERGIES: Please contact us prior to any party if your child has any food allergies. I do not use peanuts or tree nuts unless specifically noted in the menu description, however I cannot guarantee that ingredients are processed in a nut-free facility. Please let me know before and I will be delighted to review ingredient labels ahead of time.