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1:1 Private & Special Sessions


Seasonal sessions, 'Mommy & Me,' and private lessons available for interested families

Special Sessions and 1:1 cooking lessons available!

For a more personalized experience with me, try one of my special sessions like 'Mommy & Me' and our 1:1 workshops.

With every experience I offer, every child will get to:

  • explore new smells and textures in the kitchen

  • learn how to help out in the kitchen

  • understand what real, quality foods look like

  • experience something exciting and different?


I look forward to hearing from you! For Mommy & Me and/or 1:1 sessions, please email me to schedule.

boy patting dough.jpg


There are five concepts that our Private Sessions and regular workshops will focus on:

  1. Teaching the importance of: “What grows together, goes together.”

  2. Learning about the variety of tastes and textures of whole foods by providing a physical connection through food preparation.

  3. Developing an appreciation of the natural flavors of seasonal foods mixed with natural spices and seasonings.

  4. Understanding the differences between whole, organic foods and processed pre-packaged foods.

  5. Supplying the knowledge of cooking from scratch in which one can implement that knowledge to any location on the globe.



FOOD ALLERGIES: Please contact us if your child has any food allergies. I do not use peanuts or tree nuts unless specifically noted, however I cannot guarantee that ingredients are processed in a nut-free facility. Please let me know and I will be delighted to review ingredient labels ahead of time.

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