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Homemade Sausage Patties with Organ Meat (VIDEO)

Updated: Mar 28

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sausage patties on a cast iron pan

These sausage patties I promise will be your favorite homemade sausage in patty form. It’s so easy – just meat minced (ground chicken, pork, beef, and liver) mixed with a simple spice blend! Serve for dinner with Herb - Butter Rice or Miso Mashed Potatoes with some greens. Then enjoy for breakfast with eggs!

This is not my first sausage recipe that I have published, but surely the most interesting and a spontaneous recipe in general. One rainy day, one day with a no school day, and just one question from my oldest son, a meat lover:

"Mom can you make a sausage?" And here we go, my quick and not thinking it through response was, YES, without checking the ingredients list, prepping everything ahead of time, etc.

And I have to mention everything went wrong that day with this sausage making project. The grinder broke, the stuffer didn't work, the meat didn't defrost enough.

But we did it, even though maybe not the way I wished, but the result we liked.

Here is another Easy Homemade Breakfast Sausages recipe for you.

4 sausage patties on a pan cast iron with fresh rosemary

My childhood and homemade sausage making experience

I grew up on another side of the world, where, back then, parents didn't worry about showing their child the WHOLE process of preparing meat, so that the child may have become vegetarian, or other some non sense thing. We all included little ones who were happy to see how the life cycle concluded to provide our meat. Making sausage was part of the yearly ritual of putting up meat for winter - part of a hog-killing day.

Every fall, just after the first cold snap, my dad's side of the family, the Solovei, took off work and came together to sacrifice and process one or two hogs for winter.  A kind of celebration, the reward of hard labor for almost a year, part hard -as-hell physical labor, hog killing demanded days of preparation.

On one day, the men slaughtered and scalded the pigs. And with an "all things got dirty", the job needed to be done. While the modern wasteful eye might see this as a tangle of disgusting garbage, frugal folk smiled down in wonder at their pile of shiny treasures.

Every part of the pig was used; lard was used to preserve the meat and it was kept in a cellar for several months. Intestine - to make a sausage casings.

The sausage making process was another whole day of hard labor.  Sausages were smoked for Christmas; my mouth waters just to think about those sausages.

We didn't pickle the feet, like some parts of the US did in the old days, and still do I believe. But I do remember, feet had a use to make a jelly meat; the strong collagen in this part of the body was used in this kind of application. Head - to make SALTISON (its pig stomach, stuffed with meat and bacon, next to a variety of vegetables. It's a delicious meat snack).

The whole skin was burned with wheat straw for the best aroma of the SALO (pork back fat). This extra step gave the luxury salo. Every Ukrainian loves salo, and who doesn't? If they say they don't they are lying, because it's not in fashion. In my life time I have seen when the culture of eating SALO went away and was replaced with more fashionable fat, such as "You can't believe it's not butter", but slowly it's coming back. The propaganda of saturated fat is the biggest enemy and is dying off, thank God. Also, I see the tendency going on in Ukraine since war began, every Ukrainian person wants to learn and be like their ancestors, and Salo always has been and will be the biggest part of Ukrainian Gastronomic.

SALO -deserve the whole blog itself, there is just so much to say. Some day...

Why Organ Meat for Sausages?

First of all, not many people would imagine sausage with any organ meat. But I'm telling you it's delicious and most importantly you won't notice it. Great way to eat more organ meats. I remember my sister made a sausage with liver, rice, salo and tons of onion. Its was a very special dish ad we all loved it.

Many cultures around the world do this technic of mixing up organ meat with pork for their breakfast or other sausages. And for good reason, organ meat, especially liver, is high in vitamin And, generally speaking, it's a power house of nutrients.

It provides copper, zinc, iron, vitamins B6, Biotin and Folate, A and D. It is an excellent source of antioxidants - substances that help your own liver remove toxic substances from the body. No less important are the essential fatty acids, which the liver also possesses. This list can go on and on.

But for some folks, just mentally, it's not possible. They would rather take a pill of any kind but not a real food rich of minerals and vitamins because big pharma did an amazing job of brainwashing for many years. Many of you probably remember the days when your grandparents served liver once a week. As time moved forward, established nutritionists started recommending that we should discontinue these healthful practices in order to avoid cholesterol, along with eggs and real butter. Americans are being saturated with anti-cholesterol propaganda. If you watch very much TV, you are probably one of the millions of Americans who now has a cholesterol phobia.

Liver is a great choice for any age. When my babies (all breastfed) were tested low for iron at age 10 months, liver pate and cod liver is what brought their levels to normal range without supplementing with iron drops. FOOD IS MEDICINE!

Food should be your first source for vitamins, minerals, etc.

Try this easy recipe and a favorite in my family, liver pate made with goat liver.


This goat pate is silky, smooth, slightly sweet and absolutely delicious! This appetizer you can make in the blink of an eye. Truly quick and well worth it to eat as often as you can.


If my children could do it, you can do it... This recipe is big, we like to freeze for later uses, but if you don't want to make that much, divide the recipe in half or more.

Before you start, make sure the meats are cold, or even slightly frozen, it's easier to grind. We used a food processor since that day my grinder was broken.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Active time: 25 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes

Author: Inna of 

Yield: 46 patties

Ingredients for sausages

2 Lb. chicken thighs or white meat (such as tenders or breast)

1 Lb. beef cheeks (any other beef meat great here)

1&1/2 Lb. beef liver

1 Lb. bacon (uncured is best choice here)

1 Lb. onion (about 2 big onions)

1/4 Lb. pork fat (chicken fat or tallow)

Some herbs (parsley, dill, scallions)

5-6 teaspoons pink or Celtic salt

2 teaspoons dried sage (I didn't use it in the video, if you like breakfast sausage flavor, then don't skip on this)

1&1/2 tablespoons black pepper, freshly ground

2 teaspoons sweet paprika

2 tablespoons coriander seeds, ground

2 teaspoons garlic powder

2 teaspoons onion powder

1 teaspoon Szechuan Peppercorn, ground (optional)


  • Grind all meats and fat together. Then add onion and herbs. Grind all. I used a food processor, but a regular meat grinder is better for this job.

  • Grind the spices. Coffee grinder is perfect for this job.

  • Mix the meat and spices together well. Use your hands, there’s just no better way to ensure all the spices mix through properly! Using your hands also binds the meat together better which ensures your patties don’t fall apart when cooking.

  • Form patties – Make patties, pressing together firmly. Make them about 1cm / 0.4″ thick. This is the ideal thickness so they cook through relatively quickly and evenly while the surface becomes a lovely golden brown. Too thick = overcooked outer band and risk of overly brown surface. Too thin = cooks through too quickly before you get color on the surface.

  • DENT to prevent doming! Make a shallow dent in the middle of the each patties (just one side) using the back your 2 fingers. This anticipates the doming that happens when you cook patties, so these patties come out flat instead and makes it easier to brown the surface easily. Don’t even think about pressing the patties flat – you’ll squeeze all the tasty meat juices out!

  • Cook patties on medium high for 2 minutes on each side until deep golden. Cast iron pan is my favorite tool for this. The rest freeze for later. ENJOY!

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