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Recipes for Chicken of the Woods Mushroom (VIDEO)

Updated: Jul 2

Even if you are not a plant-based eater or even if you are not a mushroom lover, these 2 RECIPES will satisfy you, I guarantee.

holding a big fungi, called chicken of the woods

The first recipe is a BBQ, nice slices of chicken of the woods mushroom are marinated in homemade pineapple BBQ sauce and grilled to perfection!

grilled strips of mushrooms with bbq sauce

The second recipe is everyone's favorite; spicy buffalo chicken wings. Yes, vegetarian or vegan chicken wings, it's up to you, served with your favorite ranch dressing and celery sticks! Who doesn't like that? This recipe is Gluten Free too!

chicken wings fake on a plate with celery sticks

Today my laugh would be touched with irony, for in the years since then I have become one of them, a mushroom zealot. My search for these fleshy fungi has taken me back to my childhood. I used to do with my father, as a little girl. I loved so much and want my children get to understand about fungi little bit more then portobello from a supermarket. And maybe one day when the war is over, we will go to Ukraine and forage for mushrooms, right now it's only a dream. Mushrooms are the whole ecosystem that function as a based for pretty much anything we touch, anything that mother-land produces for us as consumers.

kids searching for a mushrooms

Makes me happy to see lately more and more people recognizing this, and many believers there, food can be a medicine, well mushrooms are superfood and they are a medicine!

Not alone in my devotion to mushrooms, I am part of a small but growing population of loyal subjects. There are thousands of us in North America and many more in Europe, where the gathering of mushrooms dates back to ancient times and has always been a family ritual.


bowl of salad
steak sliced with chives on top
braised cabbage


Every morning me and my children do some kind of activity, because it's summer and keeping them busy is my goal. The morning after the rain, I surprised the kids with the news that we were going to the woods to look for mushrooms. The search for mushrooms expands our world and leads us down new paths of pleasure. Finding them allows us to retreat into private obsession. Anyone who has climbed Everest or collected butterflies knows what it means to search for wild mushrooms. It's simply exciting.

Well our last trip to the woods went average and we found a little bit of chanterelles, as we always do this time of the year. Then as we started to go back to the car, I spotted a bright orange bush. It was CHICKEN OF THE WOODS, a beautiful bright color just asking to be picked up!

Look at my son's eyes and how happy he is to see this monster fungi. Check the video too!

boy sitting in a woods with fungi in front of him


Chicken of the Woods is a wild mushroom that grows on trees, often in clusters. It gets its name from its meaty texture, which is similar to chicken when overly cooked. The mushroom has a bright orange or yellow color and is often found on oak, cherry, and other hardwood trees. Chicken of the Woods is a favorite among foragers and food enthusiasts alike for its unique flavor and versatility in the kitchen.

For more information please, visit this website

Aside from its delicious taste, Chicken of the Woods has gained popularity for its health benefits. It is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, making it a nutritious addition to any meal. Additionally, Chicken of the Woods is a sustainable food source as it grows naturally in the wild and does not require farming or cultivation.

Where Can I Buy Chicken of the Woods Locally?

If you're looking to buy Chicken of the Woods locally, there are several places you can check:

  • Many farmers' markets have vendors selling foraged mushrooms, including Chicken of the Woods. Check with your local market to see if they have any mushroom vendors or foragers. We are so lucky to have a few of them at our Port Royal farmers market.

  • Specialty food stores often carry hard-to-find ingredients like Chicken of the Woods. Check with your local health food store or gourmet food market to see if they have it in stock.

  • If you're unable to find Chicken of the Woods locally, you can always buy it online.


I'm cleaning mushroom with a brush

Before the cooking process it's important to clean them thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris that may be hiding in the crevices of the mushroom. The easiest way to do this is to use a soft-bristled brush and a damp kitchen towel to gently wipe the mushroom caps and undersides. Be careful not to use too much water, as mushrooms are porous and can absorb water easily. And just like any mushrooms Chicken Mushrooms will soak up water and become soggy and flavorless being no good for anything other than soup.


Ingredients for BBQ chicken of the woods:

1 lb. chicken of the woods (make sure to clean mushroom properly)

2 tablespoons Worcester sauce

1/2 BBQ sauce (I used homemade BBQ sauce)

1/2 cup buttermilk or plain kefir

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Pinch of cayenne pepper or red pepper flakes (option)

Ingredients for Buffalo chicken of the woods wings:

1 lb. chicken of the woods (make sure to clean mushroom properly)

1/2 chickpea flour and 1/2 cup water

2 tablespoons nutritional yeast

1 &1/2 teaspoons pink salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1/4 teaspoon smoked paprika

Pinch of Cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

Ingredients for buffalo sauce:

1/2 cup Louisiana hot sauce (or sauce of your choice)

1/2 cup melted butter or olive oil (for vegan option)

Ranch and celery sticks for serving

Directions for BBQ chicken of the woods:

  • In a bowl mix together kefir, BBQ sauce, Worcester sauce, olive oil, salt, and freshly ground pepper. Use a hand whisk for this step.

  • Cut mushrooms in strips that are comfortable to grill and eat. I recommend a chicken tenderloin size.

  • Place the mushrooms in a bowl with a BBQ sauce mixture and with a spatula mix all together, make sure each piece of the mushroom has sauce on it. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and leave to marinade at room temperature for at least half an hour or place in a fridge for 2 hours to allow enough time for the mushrooms to absorb all of the sauce. Before grilling check, if it looks dry, and if so, mix in some more BBQ sauce.

cooking mushrooms on grill
  • Grill just like a chicken, a few minutes on each side.

ENJOY right away and don't forget to dip into BBQ sauce!

Directions for Buffalo chicken of the woods wings:

  • Preheat the oven to 400F.

  • Cut your mushroom into "chicken wings" sizes. Set a side.

  • In a bowl mix together chickpea flour, add water and give it a whisk. Add the rest of the ingredients except mushrooms. Mix until everything looks like a paste.

  • Add your prepped mushrooms to the bowl with a paste mixture. Mix all together, make sure all pieces are covered well.

  • Lay mushrooms onto a baking sheet in one layer. Use a baking mat or parchment paper and bake for 15-20 minutes, then flip each piece and bake another 15 minutes, at this point you will feel the crispiness of each piece.

  • Meanwhile make the buffalo sauce. Whisk together melted butter (or oil) and hot sauce. And as soon as your "wings" feel crispy, dunk them into a bowl with the buffalo sauce. Mix all very well.

  • Place mushrooms back onto a baking sheet and put in an oven for another 15 minutes.

ENJOY with a good ranch or blue cheese on a side, and don't forget about celery sticks!

buffulo "chicken wings"

I hope you'll make this recipe soon. If you do, please tag me #innichka_chefon Instagram, Facebook, PatreonorPinterest.

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