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Traditional Maple Eggnog with Kefir and Rum (VIDEO)

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If you know me by now, you know that eating healthy even during the holidays is as important as keeping new year resolutions. Yes, Christmas time is not a reason to slip off from my healthy routine, but I still desire to enjoy the season with family and friends. Clean eating is always my priority.

Today I want to share with you, my friends, one of the most popular drinks of the holiday season.

EGGNOG! Not only is it super tasty and good for you, but each ingredient can be easily purchased. These ingredients are nutrient dense foods with names that are easy to pronounce since they are whole foods and not a bunch of chemicals pretending to be real food.

eggnog in a Mason jar with cinnamon stick

This homemade eggnog recipe produces a wonderfully festive drink that tastes like spiced melted ice cream and will warm you up for sure! Fair warning: This recipe might ruin you from purchasing the best store-bought varieties.


Eggnog is part of the traditional holiday festivities, but this also a beverage that you either love or hate. Also, the recipe for eggnog can be terrifying from a food safety and health perspective, due to the required amount raw of eggs along with lots of cream and sugar.

Regarding the historical origins, did you know that culinary historians debate its exact lineage? However, most agree eggnog originated from the early medieval Britain “posset,” a hot, milky, ale-like drink. It was in the 1700s that eggnog became established as a drink for the holidays among the American colonies due to their abundance of eggs and cheaper rum!

This drink has origins beyond the UK and US for Mexico created its own version called rompope,” and Puerto Rico varied the drink, which they call "coquito" by using coconut milk.Even in my country we have "gogol - mogol". I grew up drinking this variety of eggnog, but not as a holiday drink; it was used as a cough medicine! Yes, my mom would combine hot milk, honey, and egg yolks and give this to me to drink at bedtime if she saw me coming down with something. Those were the days when milk and eggs were good for you. LOL. She even put in some melted butter. Here is a link that explains more about this medical type of drink.

The English name "eggnog" is a bit of a mystery and possibly “nog” comes from “noggin,” meaning a wooden cup, or “grog,” a strong beer. True eggnog lovers believe that those who don't care for eggnog just haven't tasted the real deal. Honestly, there is no comparison between homemade and store bought varieties. Did you know that the pre-made eggnog is allowed by the FDA to be made from as little as 1% egg yolks? Can we say, "egg flavoring?"


Initially, I was not a big fan of eggnog until I tried homemade and talk about a game changer! Fresh homemade eggnog is not only delicious; it's a very nutritious nutrient dense drink. For people who claim to not like eggnog, I typically ask, "Do you like ice-cream?" If the answer is yes, then I explain that eggnog has the same base as ice cream, it's not frozen, just merely chilled and spiced up. Also, adding booze makes it even more fun for adults.

Next time you are at the store and have the temptation to purchase eggnog from the fridge department, maybe even the one labeled as organic, etc., please read the label's list of ingredients. You will be shocked, I guarantee!

Take a look at this and you will find anything from artificial flavors, dyes, high corn syrup, soy, thickeners, preservatives, etc.


This traditional homemade eggnog recipe is a great source of beneficial fats, protein, spices, and the optional warmth from the alcohol. The addition of rum also makes this a keep-a-smile-on-your-face-because-the-kids-get-to-stay-up-past-midnight-on-Christmas-Eve beverage.

me holding a jar


  • Milk - whole milk of course, if you can find milk that is not ultra-pasteurized, it's better for the final result and for your health too!

  • Eggs - free range, organic and with a most beautiful egg yolk that you can find! And don't worry about raw eggs; they are going to be tempered, so it's safe for everybody.

  • Maple syrup or honey - yes you can use sugar, but this way it's definitely healthier.

  • Cream (optional) - organic, if possible. I use this ingredient only as a garnish, so feel free to skip this ingredient if you dislike cream, but who on earth doesn't like whipped cream?

  • Spices - this category is totally up to you, but I like to stick with traditional spices, such as nutmeg as well as add a little bit of cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla! You are the boss of your eggnog!

  • Kefir - this fermented dairy drink, will keep your gut healthy, so there is no guilt during this holiday by indulging in your favorite beverage.

  • Alcohol (OPTIONAL) - this is up to your taste too, and optional of course! I stick with spiced rum, since it's traditional and it seems as though rum is the only hard liquor that I have on hand, because my husband likes Captain Morgan during the wintertime. So, adding alcohol or not is strictly your decision: making eggnog or pure NOG it's up to you, lol.

A few thoughts about eggs, and why YOU SHOULD NEVER SKIP THE YOLKS!

egg yolks

For the last few decades, there's been a consistent myth that egg consumption causes heart disease. Conventional dietitians reasoned that due to the dietary cholesterol content of yolks, they should be avoided. As a result, people began cooking tasteless egg white omelets and missed out on a number of health benefits.

Whole eggs have an incredibly high nutritional value, offering 13 essential nutrients that are all contained in the yolk.

New research shows that there is no link between egg yolk consumption and cardiovascular disease (in fact, yolks might improve your heart health). Please, take a look yourself at the article from Doctor Chris Kresser


hot chocolate
tea cinnamon stick and maple candy

Let's make it...

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Chill time: 30 minutes

Total time: 50 minutes

Author: Inna of



4 cups whole milk

5 egg yolks

5 egg whites

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup plain kefir

1/2 cup or more maple syrup (depends on your sweet preference)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 cup or more of rum (Captain Morgan is what I used in the video)

Whipped cream (for garnish only)


  1. Whisk together egg yolks and maple syrup using a hand whisk or blend in a blender. Add vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

2. Pour milk into a saucepan, stirring constantly until the first signs of boiling. Watch closely, milk can easily boil over.

3. Remove immediately and slowly pour the milk while whisking it into the maple egg mixture. Starting super slow, pour in just a few teaspoons of hot milk, and increase the amount of milk as you go until it is incorporated into the maple egg mixture.

4. Pour all of it back into the pot and heat it to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t let it boil! Keep an eye on it and continue stirring. If you do overcook, to get back to a creamy smooth consistency, just mix it using an immersion blender. Don't stress, it's just eggnog!

5. Remove from the heat, chill in a bowl of ice water or refrigerate until it has cooled to room temperature before going to the next step.

6. Whip the egg whites with salt until they have reached soft peaks. To the chilled eggnog, add the whipped egg whites, and slowly fold in to keep an airy texture and I recommend that you use a silicone spatula, for the best results. But if for some reason you over beat the egg whites into stiff peaks don't stress about it. You can use a hand whisk instead of a spatula for incorporating the egg whites into the eggnog mixture.

7. Add kefir and rum and stir all together. Chill if it's not cold and serve. Garnish with whipped cream and freshly ground nutmeg!


me holding a jar with eggnog

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