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Grilled Turkey Sandwich two ways (VIDEO)

I hope you all still having a turkey dinner leftovers. And my boys love this way to have turkey sandwiches for lunch.

boys holding a plate with sandwich

These leftover turkey sandwich recipes are the perfect way to use up remnants from your Thanksgiving feast. Sandwiches are probably #1 in recipe choices that people enjoy using leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. It's easy, quick and locks all those flavors into one bite.


I think repurposing your turkey dinner is a classic way to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend. There are so many things I do with turkey meat such as using it soups, casseroles, fajitas, frittatas, baked or fried pastries, crepes, and much more.

two boys working in the kitchen

Cooking is one of the most useful skills we can teach our children, and most of them really enjoy learning! I spent a few years teaching my kids how to cook and now they are able and willing kitchen helpers who routinely make entire meals on their own! Yes, there is always a lot of mess, but it's worth it!

Tommy's Sandwich ingredients:

My oldest son Thomas doesn't like berries, any kind ofberries.However, I'm able to make smoothies and sneak them into his diet and that's about it. I can't blame him for I think I overfed him with blueberries during the first year of his life. Therefore, he prefers mustard and mayo for his sandwich vs. cranberry sauce.

Bread - he used white bread that I baked for Sunday night dinner.

Mayo and mustard - we used homemade mayo and Dijon mustard.

Baby spinach - the most popular of all the greens in our house.

Avocado - was Tommy's idea, and I think goes quite nicely.

Turkey meat - leftover turkey or chicken, whatever you have on hand.

Provolone cheese - I think it goes well with this sandwich.

Butter - just a little bit to make the bread extra crispy and it produces that buttery flavor while cooking on a skillet.

Johnny's Sandwich ingredients:

My youngest son chose classic cranberry sauce for his sandwich. It was actually my homemade cranberry relish, and you can find the recipe here. Personally, I think cranberry sauce will be just as good. Check here for the recipe of a sauce that is healthier than any brand on the market, and I like to serve year-round with soft cheeses or even pancakes.

Bread - he used the same nice sourdough white bread.

Cranberry relish - it's so yummy and healthy due to the raw cranberries. Johnny loves any berries, so I got very excited about this sandwich.

Baby spinach - the most popular of all greens in our house.

Avocado - was Tommy's idea, and Johnny liked this idea as well.

Turkey meat - leftover turkey or chicken, whatever you have on hand.

Provolone cheese - I think goes well with this sandwich, but Brie would be even better.

Butter - just a little bit to make the bread extra crispy and it produces a buttery flavor while cooking on a skillet.

Cheese choices

In today’s world of culinary infusion, one thing everyone should explore is the type of cheese they use in their sandwiches. What better way to find which type of cheese you should have in your sandwich than to discover the popular cheeses from around the world. Fun, isn't it? The good news is that you can use any cheese you like for your grilled sandwich. If it's your favorite, give it a go! The bad news is that not every cheese will give you the gooey melt that we all hold dear. Parmesan and feta are two types of not so melty cheeses that you can use to build your sandwich.

The boys used Provolone and it seems like you can't go wrong with the mild taste of Provolone. And did you know that Provolone is the cousin to Fontina cheese?

Both Fontina and Provolone find their roots in Italy, and you can almost crown the country as one of the few leaders in cheese offerings. Provolone is another classic go-to cheese for a sandwich and never fails to satisfy the palate.

Honestly, if I would be making a sandwich for myself, I probably would go with Brie, and a more hardier sourdough bread, but you can choose whichever you like.


Please, use any bread you wish. In our household we don't use any bread that comes in a plastic bag and stays soft for days.

Here is my all-time favorite sandwich bread that is as healthy as can be.

Made with 100% whole wheat and its sourdough.

sliced bread

But for this recipe I used bread that I made using sourdough Ukrainian bread buns called "Pampushky" instead of shaping it into buns, I made one large loaf of bread that fed my whole family for a whole week. Saves me time and I'm confident my babies are eating REAL bread.

You may think why bother with wasting time on making your own bread, but I am telling you it is worth every minute that you spend in the kitchen.

Eating real bread is the first step in eating healthier. We must return to a diet consisting of “real” food. By “real” food, I mean food that is created by God to nourish our bodies and that is eaten in a form as close to the way God created it as possible. Giving a child a flavored fruit bar instead of an apple or a highly processed package of applesauce is not ok: Eat real meats, real vegetables, real fruit, real eggs and real butter. You do not have to become a vegetarian or change to a raw food diet or become a meat eater for that matter. Just make real food choices from the many wonderful options that God has given us, that best suits your family’s likes and meets your body’s needs.

Ok, that's enough preaching to you about real bread, so ...

Prep time: 5 minutes

Making time: 10 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

Author: Inna of

Servings: 2 sandwiches

ingredients for the sandwiches

Ingredients for Thomas's sandwich

2 slices of bread

2 teaspoons of Mayo

2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard

1/4 cup of baby spinach

1/2 cup of cooked shredded turkey or chicken

1/4 of avocado

2 slices of Provolone cheese

Butter for the bread

Ingredients for Johnny's sandwich

2 slices of bread

4 teaspoons of cranberry relish

1/4 cup of baby spinach

1/2 cup of cooked shredded turkey or chicken

1/4 of avocado

2 slices of Provolone cheese

Butter for the bread


  1. Preheat a cast iron griddle.

  2. First, butter one slice of bread with a thin layer of butter.

  3. Then flip the bread and start to build your sandwich. Start by spreading on the sauces, and then add the meat, cheese, spinach, cheese, and avocado. The thinner the avocado is sliced the easier it is to grill this sandwich.

4. Place both slices with the fillings on the hot griddle and cook on medium to low heat.

5. Now top them with the other pieces of bread and then add weights. Cook two more minutes. If you have one, use a Panini maker because it might be easier for you.

6. Carefully remove the sandwiches with a spatula and place them on a cutting board. Slice in half with a bread knife and enjoy!

open face two sandwiches cooking on a cast iron pan

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