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My usual visit to farmer's market

me at the farmers market

Farmers' markets are the heart of a city's culinary pulse, where chefs get inspiration for seasonal specials and where diners can connect with the tireless farmers growing their food. Support local agriculture and taste the best fresh local produce and artisan foods that are available.

The Port Royal Farmers Market is open on Saturdays only from 8:30 am - 12 pm all year round located in Heritage Park on Ribaut Road by the Naval Hospital of the St. Helena Community Market. This is where you can find me most Saturday mornings. Besides purchasing locally grown produce you can expect to interact with local farmers, craft makers, purchase local seafood, and pastries! There is a great kids playground and kid/adult friendly skate park, along with enjoying the playing of live music. These are a few of our farmer's market delights, but I encourage you to visit this unique market to experience so many more treasures that await.

As the seasons change, so does the market; the temperature shifts, the products change, the shrimp season ends, the oyster season begins, even customers come and go from the north, south, east and west, but always returning in their due season. Just as our tides ebb and flow so does our Farmer's Market, which is ever changing and evolving from season to season. This is the place to go, especially when you live in a small town and not many things are going on. It is a place people have fun, and really appreciate the local community.

I think our little town has a beautiful market, I love to walk around looking for unique produce, which inspires and entices me to take it home and prepare as soon as I enter my kitchen!

Either way, if you are a foodie or just want to come by and grab a cup of coffee, or a freshly made breakfast sandwich, this place is for you! FEW TIPS OF MIND Here are a few tips for shopping at farmers’ markets:

  • Be flexible, relaxed, and adventurous! Leave your shopping list at home! You might not find what you were planning to buy but see instead an unexpected ingredient that captures your imagination. Do not pass it up. Keep in mind that everything here is seasonal, you may not see it again.

  • Although it is tempting to fill your basket, buy only what you can consume within a week.

  • Talk with the growers. Let them guide you to their best seasonal produce. They may even hand you a recipe.

A visit to the farmers’ market can be a deliciously enlightening experience!

With the proliferation of farmers’ markets, try to shop as close to home as possible. Supporting the local community is important! Growers and their presence reflect a growing interest in good food and cooking and an awareness of the benefits in taste and nutrition that come from enjoying the freshest fruits and vegetables from local farms. P.S. Did you know our soil (Lowcountry) due to being close to shore is rich in iodine, which can benefit many forks, especially those who can't consume seafood for whatever reason? Please, shop locally as much as you can, your support matters!

Have a good day, Blessings, Inna

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