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My Mother's Day Surprise (VIDEO)

It was a beautiful Saturday in April when my husband, David, decided to take our two sons away for the entire day. This was the first time in a long time I had the whole day to work on my blog!

Later on in the afternoon, I called my husband. I was done with my blog work. Where was he? David said, “We are still working on our project.”

“What project?” I asked.

“You will see…eventually,” was his answer.

The joy of an uninterrupted day with their dad is so precious. The kids are always excited to work in their dad’s woodshop. Every time the boys have a chance to go, they get ready for a project by putting on their safety glasses, construction boots, and construction helmets.

This Mother’s Day video reveals what this project was all about.

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1 Comment

Jun 06, 2020

I love the Mother’s Day surprise video!

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