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Japanese Style Fried Rice (VIDEO)

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

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me and lady holding bowl with rice

The day when I made this video, everything went backwards. The day when I wanted to be the best of myself in the kitchen, didn't cooperate with me. The very first time I had a guest from California, one of my very active subscribers, she was seating during filming. And I had hard time to even started introduction, then many difficulties during filming took a place, and on the end of first part of the filming camera got dye on me. Smoke detector went off! And baby Matrona just woke up and that day she had a fever, so she wasn't happy camper either. I thought I will dye. The plan was to finish filming by noon, and we didn't till 2:45pm. The time when technically I have to be in car, driving to pick up my boys from school. LOL.

rice in a pan with veggies

I think that's enough of drama, let's talk about the recipe.

One of the Sundays during coffee hour, I spotted the crock pot with a rice, I took some, not much of expectation, tasted and came bake to get seconds at least two more times. Then I noticed I wasn't alone me and several people did the same thing. Later on, I heard someone said loudly "Who brought the RICE"? And very quiet and on a shy side my friend Ann, said; "I did". Guest what happened next, everyone who ate her rice asked for recipe.

rice dish

And today Ann not only shares her recipe with me, but she was agreeing to come and make it with me on my kitchen for innichkachef channel.

Ann and her husband are great cooks of Asian cousin, since they had experience to live in Japan. Her slightly sticky Japanese style fried rice is nothing you may have had experience with Chinese fried rice.


rice topped with egg
rice topped with sprouts and mushroom

This Japanese Style Fried rice full of well balance flavor, healthy for lunch or dinner and can please any vegetarian eater are there. Nutrients dense bowl of goodness can nurse your body, it's not spicy, can be, if you like it, savory with tons of umami flavor going on. I promise you won't be able to stop after one bite. Either you are making for yourself or for special event, I'm promising you, that your guests will appreciate it.


And the idea of sticky rice consistency by using specific kind of rice will allow you eating with chopsticks. This the kind Ann recommending using it, called Nishiki rice. Nice starchy short grain rice. Many recipes you can use this kind of rice. Even for Ukrainian stuffed cabbage this rice will do great.


You can use any rice you like, even brown rice if you like it, I personally quit using brown rice a while ago due to commercially grown rice has a lot of arsenic and only white, which means shelled without outside layer, safer to use. Since during polishing a lot of residues are leaving grain for good. PLEASE, read here more about late studies on rice in my blog.

But if you lucky enough to find non commercially growing brown rice, grab and use it. Will be not only more delicious but extra fiber and minerals; vitamins will only benefit your dish.


Many things actually, the type of rice using in a dish. Japanese using short gain starchy rice vs Chinese long grain rice. Results a different texture, Japanese stickier.

Chinese fried rice requires cooking in a hot oil in the wok quick. Vs Japanese, not much oil, but rather butter, coconut cream, etc. Japanese using eggs in their rice a differently than Chinese. But no matter which one you choose, by using a good quality ingredient will allow you enjoy your dish.


rice on a fork
soup in a bowl and spoon
mini muffins

Note on rice

First, cook the rice. Ann used a rice cooker and rinsed rice to remove the starch. If you don’t own a rice cooker, then following the package instructions. It is wise in my opinion to still rinse your rice until the water is clear or less cloudy in order to

remove excess starch. That's what we did during filming this video. Rinse a lot until clear, then cook on stove.


Rice - preferably Nishiki rice, sushi rice would be a great choice as well.

Cabbage - any cabbage you wish, we used regular and red cabbage.

Bell pepper - any kind, cut into strips.

Carrot - regular carrots, cut into Julien style

Garlic - few cloves, that's all you need.

Ginger - little bit goes a long way.

Onion - regular yellow onion, but feel free to use any type.

Green onion - sauté white part of the onions with rest of the onions, ginger, garlic.

The green part I used as a garnish.

Coconut milk - full fat and I like Thai style I like.

Soy sauce - never low sodium I use in my cooking, the more original way of preparing due to fermentation soybeans that's what I like. This kind is fermenting only 6 months, not much but still better than other on a market. And the price is great.

Mirin - takes a slightly sweeter taste and works here as Saki, if you prefer Saki, use it.

Rice vinegar - regular, original called, without any flavors.

Sesame oil - I prefer not toasted, but up to your taste, use which ever you got on hand, needs a little bit to finish the dish.

Coconut oil - or oil of your choice, to sauté veggies

Celtic salt and freshly ground pepper - add to taste.

Chili sauce with garlic - gives a punch, so be careful, how much you want to add.

Look in your fridge and see what you got, any scrabs of leftover veggies will do. Pumpkin, squash, zucchini, turnips, rutabaga, radishes, any greens can be a great addition for this dish.


Sprouts - mung bean sprouts are my favorite.

Eggs - optional, over easy one egg per person.

Mushrooms - I used in the video portobello, but really any kind you wish.

Cilantro - optional, but really makes dish more appalling.

Green onion - optional, chopped on diagonal (green part only), great additional.

Sesame seeds - I had black kind, white is good too.


Prayer: St. Euphrosynus the Cook of Alexandria – You lived in great humility, in labors of asceticism and in purity of soul, O righteous Euphrosynus, by a mystical vision you demonstrated your heavenly joy which you had found. Therefore, make us worthy to partake of your intercessions.

Let's do it...

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Author: Inna of

Served: 6 portions


Ingredients for Japanese Style Fried Rice

2 cups of cooked Nishiki rice

1/4 of a head of regular cabbage thinly shredded

1/4 of a head red cabbage thinly shredded

1 carrot, sliced into matchsticks

1/2 bell pepper (we used a yellow bell pepper in the video)

1 bunch of scallions chopped on diagonal (white and green part separate)

2 Tablespoons of mirin

2 Tablespoons of soy sauce

1-2 Tablespoons of chili garlic sauce (optional)

2 Tablespoons of rice vinegar

1 cane of full fat coconut milk (cream only, chill before for easier way to scoop the cream)

Celtic salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

1/4 cup of coconut oil

1-2 Tablespoons of sesame oil

2 Tablespoons of pumpkin seeds (roasted)

2 Tablespoons sunflower seeds (roasted)

Toppings are optional and you can use anything from a list above.


  • First, rinse very well the rice. We used a stove to cook the rice, but rice cooker can be used or other method.

  • While the rice is cooking, prep your veggies by shredding, slicing and chopping them to your preference.

  • Take a large skillet or wok, add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil and put the burner on medium heat.

  • Add your onions (regular and white part of scallions), garlic and ginger and allow them to cook for a couple of minutes. Onions should still be white in color and do not let them become translucent.

  • Next, add in the additional veggies and cook for several minutes. Then, reduce the heat to low so as to not over cook your veggies. It is important to allow your veggies to still have a slight crunch.

  • Add the rice into the veggie mixture.

  • Add the ¼ cup of the coconut cream along with the mirin, soy sauce, chili garlic sauce and rice vinegar. Taste and if needed add Celtic salt and pepper to enhance the flavor.

adding seeds to the dish
  • Mix seeds into the rice dish. Drizzle a little bit of sesame oil. And serve with any topping that listed above.

Serve and enjoy!

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