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Cooking with kids is Important (BLOG)

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My kiddos are always helping me with dinner prep or other food related projects. I'm one of those moms who doesn't want to do everything for my kiddos until the of age 18. I think children should learn many life skills as early as possible. And of course learning how to cook is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you can teach your little one as well as using real tools, Children enjoying hands on projects.

You may find out that some kids have a different interest in the kitchen, but its ok, use a Montessori technique to find out what works for you the best.

Check here for recipes that you can cook with kids.

As someone who grew up on another part of our planet, some things in the US have been very strange to me. For example, why do children have a kid's menu in restaurants? (Ever wonder why ethnic restaurants don't have kid's menus?). Why does everything have to be soft and easy to digest? Why is it that food has to be fun vs nutritious? Why should a child not have any idea where the ingredients such as meat come from? Why do schools spend so much money on other parts of education, but neglect basic skills needed for adequate survival?

As a result our children mature to adulthood and become just simple consumers who are just victims of capitalism. Catchy words on a package of food can work as magic to lure our little ones into making unhealthy choices, therefore I deem it important to provide food instruction to my children.

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Benefits of Letting Kids Use Knives

Working in a kitchen requires using a variety of tools and knives that are crucial in culinary preparation. As parents, it is easy to see knives as dangerous objects just waiting to remove our children's fingers or lead them to some impalement. Yes, they can lead to harm if used incorrectly, but then so can a stove, oven, spiral slicer, vegetable peeler, or even a mop handle being used by untrained hands.

In fact, in many parts of the world, children are allowed to interact with “dangerous” tools such as knives, hammers, mortars and pestles, etc., from as young as age 2 (and even younger in some places!).

Strictly in the context of what is harmful, "Why is a knife a bad thing, and an iPad is a good thing"?

Probably most of you will agree with me, giving a dangerous tool to a child would put me, as a parent, in judgment very quickly. However, I also see that having kids graze on chips while watching TV as being dangerous and therefore I question how can it be considered a good choice?

Ellen Hansen Sandseter, a Norwegian researcher at Queen Maud University in Norway, has found in her research that the relaxed approach to risk-taking and safety actually keeps our children safer by honing their judgment about what they’re capable of. Children are drawn to the things we parents fear: high places, water, wandering far away, dangerous sharp tools. Our instinct is to keep them safe by childproofing their lives. But “the most important safety protection you can give a child,” Sandseter explained when we talked, “is to let them take… risks.”

The time is now, and you control your time, your goals, and your purpose in life. Make a decision today to change even one thing that will benefit you and your loved ones!


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