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How to slice Cherry Tomatoes/Olives/Grapes (VIDEO)

Saving time in your kitchen is my goal. Since I cook a lot, sometimes for more than just my family, cutting a bunch of cherry tomatoes can be time consuming.

Here is very useful tip:

All you need are 2 plates and a bread knife to slice cherry tomatoes/olives/grapes

cgherry tomatoes on a white plate, bread knife, white plate, and wooden board

The trick is to sandwich tomatoes between two plates. This simple hack for slicing cherry tomatoes (or grapes or olives) isn’t new; almost every culinary student has learned some form of this trick. My own learning experience involved olives and baking sheets. The benefit of doing this trick is that you get to use items available in your kitchen. Maybe you don’t have two matching round deli-container lids, but you have two small matching plates. All that matters is that whatever vessels you choose should have a shallow rim and match in size and shape.

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